Consulting Services

Louie Larimer is available for organizational consulting with government agencies, corporate entities, not for profit organizations and entrepreneurial startups.

His consultation and advisory services include the following:


Business and corporate formation matters; real estate transactions; business acquisitions, mergers, and sales; contract negotiations; contract disputes; wills, trusts, probate matters, and mediation of complex disputes.

Organizational Assessment

Using the instruments described below and a variety of other assessment tools and techniques, Mr. Larimer helps organizational leaders evaluate their organization’s performance and the effectiveness of their current operating strategies, policies, procedures and practices.

The Management Audit Matrix is a tool developed by Mr. Larimer which is used to determine the extent to which an organization is utilizing and following best business and management practices. It results in the identification of those problems areas where management attention and new solutions are warranted.

The Team Assessment Inventory is a tool developed by Mr. Larimer which used to evaluate the effectiveness of organizational teams.  Based upon the best practices of high performing teams, the inventory identifies those critical success factors needing improvement.

The Organizational Assessment Inventory is a tool developed by Mr. Larimer which is used to assess how organizational leaders and employees perceive the effectiveness of an organization’s strategies, policies, procedures, culture, and practices.   

The Litigation Prevention Inventory is a tool developed by Mr. Larimer which identifies potential problem areas and issues which could lead to litigation against the organization.

Strategic Planning

Mr. Larimer is a skilled strategic planning consultant who facilitates strategic thinking at the board and senior management levels.  Utilizing a six step planning process, Mr. Larimer helps organizations develop highly profitable and effective business models and strategies.

Executive Assessment and Coaching

Mr. Larimer helps organizations develop the executive and leadership skills of its management personnel by conducting one on one executive core competency assessments and individual executive coaching sessions.

Board Governance

Mr. Larimer helps governing boards and senior level executives understand their respective roles and manage the sometimes difficult relationship between governing boards and chief executive officers.

Ethics and Compliance

Mr. Larimer helps organizational leaders develop effective ethics and compliance programs which promote and inspire ethical organizational behavior.

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