Mr. Larimer has written and published the following books that are available for purchase.


Psychology of Ethics
: Understanding What It Takes To Do
The Right Thing at the Right Time.
$19.99 (plus S&H)


The Ethical Type Indicator
: A Personal Assessment Tool That Reveals
How You Resolve Ethical Dilemmas
$30.00 (plus S&H)



Becoming a 5 Star Executive: Discover the 7 Core Critical Factors of
Executive Success
 $19.99 (plus S&H)



7 Strategies for Building a Successful Business
: Discover 7 Proven Strategies
that Result in Extraordinary Business Success
$19.99 (plus S&H)





10 Things You Need to Know About Estate Planning
: Legal Guidelines
for End of Life Wealth Transfer Decisions
$19.99 (plus S&H)           


Don't Poke the Gorilla in the Eye: 50 Rules for Insightful Living
$19.99 (plus S&H)




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