Board, staff, employee, and group project team retreats offer participants numerous opportunities for:
  • planning;
  • assessing organizational performance;
  • focusing upon and addressing organizational issues;
  • setting goals, developing strategies;
  • reporting on organizational performance;
  • identifying, developing and streamlining processes;
  • brainstorming and creating new ideas;
  • thinking strategically;
  • solving problems;
  • building or launching new teams or projects;
  • having strategic conversations;
  • providing education, knowledge, and information.

Having a knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled retreat director or facilitator enhances your retreat experience and assures efficiency, productivity, and the production of results and outcomes.

Larimer has been planning, directing, and facilitating leadership, strategic planning, mediation, project planning, and team building retreats for over 30 years.

Larimer brings mastery to the art of creating an environment of openness, creativity, focus, and safety for the stimulation and expression of divergent ideas. He finds artful ways to frame issues, address and solve problems, and bring people together.

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