Keynote Presentations

Louie Larimer is an accomplished keynote presenter.

His topics include  . . .  

  •    The Psychology of Ethics
  •    Why Do Good People Do Stupid Things?
  •    What’s Your Ethical Type?
  •    Seven Ways to Discover and Do the Right Thing at the Right Time
  •    Ethics, Integrity and Character
  •    It’s a Matter of Trust and Credibility
  •    Ethical Authenticity


  •     Would Your People Choose You As a Leader?
  •     The Eight Primal Duties of a Leader
  •     The Spirit of a Leader
  •     How Do They Do That? The Habits of Highly Effective Leaders
  •     Creating High Performance Teams
  •     A New Definition of Accountability
  •     Creating a Strategic Edge


  •    Everyday Champions Make all the Difference
  •    Don't Poke the Gorilla in the Eye!
  •    Motivation Begins at Home 

Emotional Intelligence

  •     Look Out for the Emotional Hijack
  •     Stupid Things I’ve Done and What I Learned Along the Way
  •     Influencing and Persuading Others Is Easier Than You Think

Negotiations and Conflict Resolution

  •     Five Trade Secrets You Ought To Know!
  •     How to Argue and Win Every Time!

Personal Change and Transformation

  •     7 Steps to Creating Change in Your Life
  •     Taking Care of Self In Order to Lead and Serve Others

If you are interested in talking with Mr. Larimer about his availability, or to get more information, simply email him or call him at (719) 440-6410. He is happy to discuss your needs and interests.

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