Ethics Training

Louie Larimer taught his first ethics course in 1983 at Regis University's School for Professional Studies, Masters of Business Administration Program.
Since that time he has studied, written, and developed ethics training programs for a wide variety of educational, governmental, corporate, and nonprofit organizations.
Larimer has taught his ethics programs in a variety of professional settings such as - law enforcement, national defense agencies, health care, retail sales, commercial insurance, law, real estate, the Judiciary, education, social work, sports, higher education, trade associations, and professional leadership development programs.

He is the author of the following ethics publications:
  • The Ethical Type Indicator - A Personal Assessment Tool 

  • The Psychology of Ethics - An Ethics Training Program

  • Should You Include an Ethics Module With In Your Leadership Development Program?

  • Foundations for Moral and Ethical Reasoning: Perspectives, Concepts, and Ethical Tools

Please visit the Psychology of Ethics website for a complete overview of Larimer's Psychology of Ethics Training Program.

Mr. Larimer has developed and presents the following conference presentations and keynotes pertaining to ethics:

  • Cultivating the Seven Inner Dimensions of Leadership

  • Why Do Good People Act Unethically?

  • Facing the Challenges of Ethics in a Competitive World

  • Why Ethics, Integrity, and Character Matter

Mr. Larimer welcomes inquiries and questions about his training programs and presentations. Please feel free to email him or call him at (719) 440-6410. He is happy to discuss your needs and interests.

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